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Education is the civil rights struggle of our generation requiring the biggest expansion of educational opportunity in modern history.

– UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown, UN Education Commission.

Whilst the early childhood development and basic education sectors are vitally important to laying the educational foundation for individuals, it is acknowledged that students who further their post-school education, obtain a wide range of financial, personal and other lifelong benefits. Similarly, taxpayers and society as a whole derive a multitude of direct and indirect benefits when citizens have access to post-school education.


An expanding post-school education system has become a norm of modernisation and it is an indisputable fact that the demand for private higher education in South Africa continues to increase.

The market continues to grow and needs private higher education

Noting the challenges faced by public HEIs and the acknowledgment of the critical importance of higher education growth and development, the private sector is an ideal partner to support and assist the state in addressing and mitigating its risks, by assisting in WIDENING ACCESS FOR QUALIFYING LEARNERS TO HIGHER EDUCATION WHY IS THE GROUP WELL PLACED?

The Group meets South African students’ needs through offering:

The Group is well on track to meet its objective as set out in the Pre-Listing Statement of enrolling 56 000 students by 2026. Over time, the Group’s vision is to increase its reach to 100 000 students and more, of which 80% of students will continue to study through the distance learning mode of delivery and believes it can make a real impact to South Africa society as a whole as more individuals are educated, upskilled and can find employment or create employment opportunities for themselves and others

STADIO Holdings creates value through the growth and development of our private higher education institutions, AFDA, STADIO, and Milpark Education, through

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